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Transportation packaging

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Transportation packaging for domestic transport

Cost-effective and safe transport packaging from cardboard boxes to EUR pallets, plywood and wood packaging. We deliver packaging to order for the customer but we also take care of packing and transporting if necessary. We also provide temporary storage and other logistic services.

Transport packaging

  • Wooden packaging
  • Plywood packaging
  • Cardboard boxes
  • EUR-pallets
  • Collar pallets

Why does packaging matter?

In order for the product to arrive intact, it needs protection around it. In addition the packaging material and the method of packaging matter. When transport packages are carefully planned at once, considerable time and money will be saved in the future. For example, packaging design can affect material costs and logistical costs as the right kind of packaging can safely transport more goods at once.

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PP-Logistics services in Finland

We manufacture and supply high-quality transport packaging for all domestic transport needs. We consider cost-effectiveness, safety and visuals. The packaging and packaging methods designed by professional make our customers’ daily lives easier, streamline the supply chain and thereby increase the efficiency of business. If necessary, we handle the entire logistics tailored to the customer’s needs, from packaging materials to product handling, storage and further deliveries.

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