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Internal logistics from packing to storage

High-quality internal logistics enhances the efficiency of companies and industries if the work is outsourced to a professional. We handle the processing and packing of goods cost-effectively and safely at our or the customer’s premises. We also have a storage service.

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This is how the service progresses

Planning an internal logistics entity and making the contract.
Customer delivers the goods to be processed according to the agreed schedule.
PP-Logistics professionals process and package products cost-effectively and safely.
We deliver the goods forward as agreed to homeland or abroad. Customer can also pick up the packed goods from our office.
Interim storage in a warm warehouse or outdoors is also possible.
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The service is tailored to the customer’s needs

We process and pack everything from small, individual products to large machines, equipment and components for the power, paper or mining industries, among others. Our extensive machinery and high level of professionalism ensure that we have the right tools and know-how for safe and high-quality handling of every product. ja osaaminen.

The entirety of internal logistics is always tailored to the customers needs so it can include lifting, moving, packing, processing, storing and transporting goods. If necessary, we take care of all areas with a continuous service agreement, which allows our customers to focus on running their own business.

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Internal logistics and other services

  • Packaging design
  • Packing and processing
  • Moving and lifting heavy products
  • Outdoor or indoor storage
  • Transportation services in homeland and abroad through partners
  • Customer ERP system entries

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Why PP-Logistics?

We are an inland logistics solutions company, but thanks to our special expertise and equipment, we are able to provide port-level services. We have very extensive expertise in the field of packing and other internal logistics, so we are able to solve every logistical problem. We listen to the customers need and look for the best solution, whether it is moving and individual product or outsourcing the entire logistics service.

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We are PP-Logistics

Design and implementation expert – you get customised logistics and packing solutions without size and weight limits. We serve project and contract customers.

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