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Container unloading

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Unloading container reliably and safely

Unloading container in inland can also be done safely and fast. We unload all goods from containers with professional skill and caution. We load containers again and store them for transportation if needed.

Single project or continuing agreement

We unload our contract customers container shipments and notify them about arriving goods. Our customers don’t need to worry about the receiving and unloading deliveries. We also carry out single projects regarding container processing.

We have a rare inland equipment in use which is designed for container processing: seven tons raising, forklift truck equipped with scale which can fit into containers and a 30 ton  container forklift equipped with toplift. Our equipment allows good quality loading service for heavy and challenging goods.

This is how container loading takes place

Customer delivers container for us
We open, document and photograph the goods as needed
We unload the container from goods as agreed
We pack the goods again and load them better into a container if that is agreed
We also offer temporary storage for containers either inside or outside
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Why PP-Logistics?

Container unloading and loading is demanding work which requires know-how expertise to make sure it is done safely and cost-efficiently.  We are a inland company and our expertise is packing and logistics. We also offer container processing services. The work in this field of expertise is usually done in the harbor.
We have large scale of equipment and expertise so we can answer extensively to customers logistic problems. We unload, pack, store, transport and solve wide scale of logistic problems. Our goals is to raise the competitive advantage of our customers by creating a flexible and efficient model for them.

Contact us, the professionals of packing

We find the best service model for our every customer, so don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or email so we can find functional solution together. If talking about unloading, loading, stocking or transporting a container, you can count on us. We handle even the challenging goods with long experience.

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