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Customised packing solutions, no size or weight limit
We solve packing and logistics challenges at our own or at the customer's premises
Flexibility and versatility, we can also act as a virtual warehouse

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Packing services

Container loading and unloading

We manufacture transport packaging to order
We pack the goods with experience
We load packages for safe transportation
We take care of temporary storage
We can move, lift and transport even the challenging objects

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When goods move smoothly and safely from one place to the other all parties are satisfied. Escape the logistic hub, packing problems and additional work. PP-Logistics will take care of it all from planning to execution with decades of experience and most powerful inland equipment there is.

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Add competitive advantage with operative logistics

We solve customers logistic problems. With operational and smooth logistics we can improve customers competitive advantage and customer satisfaction. At the same time we can save your time by taking care of the receiving, storing and transportation. Contact us and lets find the best solution together.

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Yksi PP-logistiikan tyytyväisistä, pitkäaikaisista asiakkaista on Valmet. Vuosien varrella yrityksillä on ollut lukuisia yhteistyöprojekteja, joiden varastoinnissa ja pakkaamisessa on hyödynnetty PP-logistiikan palveluita.

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Terästuotteet tulevat usein kaukaa ja suurina erinä, jolloin Forgetec tarvitsee välivarastoa silloin, jos lopullisella asiakkaalla ei ole sopivaa varastoa taikka esimerkiksi kalustoa konttien purkamiseen.

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