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Container stocking indoors or outdoors

We offer the opportunity to stock containers inside or outside. Our large property adapts to the needs of our customers. In addition to temporary stocking our customers can get container unloading and packing service if needed from us.

Stocking containers

We stock containers and other heavy objects to our large outside field or to our warehouses depending on the situation. Customer pays only for the space they need. Container stocking is mainly temporary stocking because we are a logistics company and the purpose is to move goods. We handle everything from receiving to packing and from stocking to transporting the goods.

We offer 2 000 m² of heated stowage and  4 000 m² of cold stowage to our customers along with five hectares of outside field. All premises can be adjusted to the customers need.

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Project progress

Customer contacts us and tells us about their needs
Matter can be a single project or long term agreement
Container arrives to us from customer or for example from harbor
We unload, load and process the goods as agreed
Container is stocked either inside or outside depending on the agreement
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Demanding logistic problems and situations are our specialty. We solve our customers problems, find powerful and competitive solutions and ease the everyday life of companies. Container stocking, loading and unloading demand expertise and right equipment. Us at PP-Logistics are packing ja logistics professionals  and we handle all port level needs from inland.

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