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Logistic service from planning to execution

Packing, processing, stocking and safe transportation for challenging goods – we customise the big picture according to customers need. Logistic service releases valuable time of companies to productive work. We also process and update customers data to a enterprise recourse planning system if needed.

What does logistic service include?

Internal logistics

Internal logistics from packing to storage

Project logistics

Project logistics for demanding need Project logistics is designed to answer customers special needs. Special or large objects are usually in question or the transportation of those objects. We design, process, store and transport the goods with expertise and safety.

Logistic designing

Functional entity with logistic designing Packing, processing, stocking and transporting challenging goods requires special skills. Logistic designing guarantees that the entity has been thought out to be functional, efficient and safe from beginning to the end.


Storage for temporary use We store bulky and heavy pieces ( 50 kg – 60 000 kg) in warehouses and outdoor areas according to the requirements of your product. We take care of everything from reception to storage, packing and onward transportation. Indoor storage We offer our customers a warm storage space of 2 000 […]

This is how co-operation with us works

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Customer tells us about their logistic problems and we plan the best possible solution for it together
Making an offer and contract
Accomplishing logistic services with long experience and expertise so our customer doesn't need to worry and they can concentrate on productive work
We develop customers logistics and packaging to answer even more the companies needs, which can partly boost also their business
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According to customers needs

Entirety is always designed  according to customers needs. In question could be for example single moving of heavy goods from one place to another, or a long-term agreement in which case we keep the logistic wheels of our customer spinning efficiently and safely.

Logistic service customers can be for example paper machine industry, international workshops, power plants and  marine industry. We have the expertise and equipment to solve almost every logistic problem so don’t hesitate to contact us and ask more.

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  • We operate in inland but we offer harbor level services
  • We offer special expertise and solutions that nobody else has
  • We operate internationally
  • We are competitive and flexible
  • We offer insightful logistic services and versatile knowledge about the industry

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Design and implementation expert – you get customised logistics and packing solutions without size and weight limits. We serve project and contract customers.

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