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Saving costs by container loading

Container loading is best to leave to a professional so the containers are filled efficiently and safely for the transportation. With right equipment and expertise loading is fast and in the end saves costs.

Continuing agreement or a single project

We do single container loading on customer demand but we also have long-term agreements with customers who have outsourced their logistic services to us. We unload and pack customers shipping containers, document them and notify our customers about upcoming goods.

This is how container loading takes place

Customer delivers a container and goods for packing (we can also pick up the container and goods if needed)
We pack the goods carefully and systematically before loading
Container loading with quality equipment (heavy and challenging goods as well)
Supporting the goods and making sure everything is safe for the transportation
Photographing and documenting container as needed
Container is ready for transportation to the harbor
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Container processing usually happens in the harbor, so equipment designed to handle containers in inland is uncommon. Exceptionally we have a forklift truck which can lift up to seven tons, fit into containers and it has a weighing feature. In addition to that we also have a 30 ton container forklift which is equipped with toplift to make sure we can handle the heavier materials as well.

Why PP-Logistics?

Container loading is demanding work which requires professional know-how, orderliness and caution. With right packing method containers can be packed cost-efficiently and safe. We guarantee high quality service.

We are professionals in packing and logistics, and we can respond to companies even the most challenging logistic problems. We can take the responsibility of logistics from unloading to loading, processing, warehousing and transporting if needed.

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