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Project logistics for demanding need

Project logistics is designed to answer customers special needs. Special or large objects are usually in question or the transportation of those objects. We design, process, store and transport the goods with expertise and safety.

To whom project logistics is meant for?

  • Companies or industrial operators whose products demand professional and safe moving, processing, packing and transporting
  • To companies and projects like for example power plants which need bigger logistic entirety out sourced to a professional
  • To a company who wants to arrange processing or other challenging logistic operation to especially big object

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This is how the entirety is completed

When we get an offer request by email or phone, we design precise proposition which answers to customers needs
Project logistics is a demanding entirety of which sectors we will go over in detail with our customer in a phone meeting or on sight
We match the schedule, practical tings and other details considering chosen funtions
We handle all sectors as agreed and professionally from planning the packaging to processing, packing, stocking and transportation
We carry out single projects , but we also do continues co operations with several customers
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Why contact PP-Logistics?

When it comes to a demanding logistical problem, it can only be solved reliably, cost-effectively and safely by an experienced professional. In addition, it is important that the company has adequate equipment and an understanding of different industries. PP-Logistics is an  inland professional who is also able to provide port-level services.
Project logistics includes exactly the features and areas that our customers need. With a successful logistics solution, we are able to free up the customer’s time for productive work and offer them a significant competitive advantage.

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We are PP-Logistics

Design and implementation expert – you get customised logistics and packing solutions without size and weight limits. We serve project and contract customers.

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