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Storage for temporary use

We store bulky and heavy pieces ( 50 kg – 60 000 kg) in warehouses and outdoor areas according to the requirements of your product. We take care of everything from reception to storage, packing and onward transportation.


Indoor storage

We offer our customers a warm storage space of 2 000 m². We operate primarily as temporary storage, so we receive, store, process and transport the goods to the next destination as agreed.


Outdoor storage

We offer our customers a cool storage space of 4 000 m² and an outdoor field of about five hectares. The facilities can be adapted to your needs. Outdoors, we store goods that can withstand weather conditions, such as mining machines, cast iron materials and pipes.

Benefits of the service

  • The customer’s own storage space can be utilized for other purposes or its own storage space is not needed
  • The goods are received, processed, packed and transported through the same operator
  • The business of companies and industry players becomes more efficient when the logistics service is outsourced to professionals
  • Saves time and money

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We offer our customers a great setting for indoor and outdoor storage. We store heavy and bulky items (50 kg – 60 000 kg) in excellent conditions. We professionally process, pack and deliver products.

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PP-Logistics stores the goods for you

We have warm indoor storage and extensive outdoor storage for every temporary need. We receive, store, pack and froward the goods as agreed. We have extensive equipment and skilled staff to implement even challenging projects. We draw up a contract tailored to each of our customers.

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