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Container weighing precisely and reliably

Container weighing is important part of logistics because transportation has to consider the weight limits of the containers. We unload, load and weigh the containers in inland with the level of equipment and quality as in harbors.

Why weighing of the container is important?

Starting from 1.6.2016 International Maritime Organization IMO updated international Safety of Life At Sea -agreement.  According to the new agreement shipper of the containers must notify the shipmaster or their deputy, and deputy of the port terminal about the verified gross mass (VGM) in writing before loading. The right verified gross mass allows the ship to be loaded safely and it remarkably decreases the transportation accidents originated from miscalculations.

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VGM-weighing can also be done in inland

We are inland operational logistics company which provides harbor level services. Container weighing is accomplished securely and reliably because we have the right equipment and expertise. From VGM weighing you can find out the whole weight, tare weight and the weight of the materials of binding, packing and supporting. VGM means the gross mass of the container.

Containers can also be weighted in port terminals but there is not always a chance to do so. In addition to that the terminals can get jammed.

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Why PP-Logistics?

Container processing like weighing, loading and warehousing has to be done carefully so that the transportation of goods is safe and compatible with instructions. For that reason it is best to choose the right partner with flexible and reliable expertise and who has quality equipment for every logistic demand. We are the experts of packing and logistic designing, and we find the best and most cost-efficient solutions to every customer.

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Design and implementation expert – you get customised logistics and packing solutions without size and weight limits. We serve project and contract customers.

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