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Export packaging to land and sea

We manufacture durable and high-quality transport packaging for abroad export. We have standard size export packaging, but we also manufacture customized models for customers.

Export packaging for challenging transports

  • Wooden boxes in standard size or according to customer’s dimensions
  • Export packaging is also suitable for sea export
  • Made of high-quality, standard wood
  • The boxes are made completely weatherproof if necessary
  • Also suitable for transporting challenging goods

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This is how the process progresses

Customer contacts us, tells us about their needs and provide the necessary dimensions
We let them know what kind of export packaging suits best to the customers need
We make an offer and contract
We manufacture customized models or standard packaging according to agreement
We protect the packaging to be weatherproof if necessary
We deliver packaging to our customer ready to use
If necessary, we pre-pack them and take care of interim storage and onward transport
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Outsource the entire process to PP-Logistics

We manufacture boxes and other export packaging for our customers’ needs, but if necessary, you can outsource the entire export process to us. We design the packages, receive the goods and pack them safely for export. We also handle indoors and outdoors storage and transport the goods forward safely and cost-effectively. This way we make our customers’ daily lives easier and increase their competitiveness with our flexible logistics.

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