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Container processing service from loading to unloading

Did you know that containers can also be unloaded in inland? We offer professional container processing service, experienced staff and equipment for even the challenging tasks. We unload, load, clean if necessary and weigh containers safely and reliably in inland.

What does container service include?

Container loading

Saving costs by container loading Container loading is best to leave to a professional so the containers are filled efficiently and safely for the transportation. With right equipment and expertise loading is fast and in the end saves costs.

Container unloading

Unloading container reliably and safely Unloading container in inland can also be done safely and fast. We unload all goods from containers with professional skill and caution. We load containers again and store them for transportation if needed.

Container weighing

Container weighing precisely and reliably Container weighing is important part of logistics because transportation has to consider the weight limits of the containers. We unload, load and weigh the containers in inland with the level of equipment and quality as in harbors.

Container stocking

Container stocking indoors or outdoors We offer the opportunity to stock containers inside or outside. Our large property adapts to the needs of our customers. In addition to temporary stocking our customers can get container unloading and packing service if needed from us.

This is how container service works

Customer delivers us a container and the goods (we can also pick up the container and goods if needed)
We pack the goods and load them into a container
We support and tie the goods with experince
Container weighing
Photographing and documenting the container as needed
Container is ready to be shipped off
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Harbor level service in inland

Container processing is usually done in the harbor, but us at PP-Logistics have made it possible for inland. We can handle heavy and challenging goods and load containers with anything our customer needs. As a packing professional  we know how goods are transported in the containers cost-efficiently and safely.
With the right equipment and expertise unloading and loading containers can be fast and effective. Container processing service also include vgm-weighing.

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PP-Logistics service makes everyday life easier

PP-Logistics service is always matched with the need of a customer. We can handle everything from the beginning to the end for our customer from packing and warehousing to the transporting. Outsourcing the container processing service, warehousing and transportation to us, companies can save time and boost the efficiency and safety of their transportation.

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