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Is your product hard to handle? Are your supply chain costs high? Are you looking for productive logistics service? Then you have come into the right place! When you want efficiency and peace of mind, your choice is PP-Logistiikka.

Our quality system assures a high level of product and service quality with reliable deliveries according to schedule. In transportation we collaborate with globally operating forwarding and container companies. Our products and services are designed and tailored in cooperation with our customers. We continually develop our logistics and packaging to meet our customers’ needs and help their business grow.

Established in 1992, PP-Logistiikka’s professionalism is built on more than three decades’ experience.

Bulletin of the situation 25.3.2020

In recent days, the world’s raging coronavirus has rapidly changed the activities of companies and communities, and even several countries have reported closure of their borders.

Currently, this mainly concerns the movement of people, and the movement of goods is still carried out within the precautionary measures set by the authorities. The Finnish government has also taken unprecedented measures to protect the health of its citizens.

PP-Logistic OY will carry its own responsibility in this situation and we have, as a company, taken into use strict internal instructions to ensure the health of our employees and the normal continuity of our function. This lamentable situation does not cause breaks on cargo transport. Deliveries from our warehouse and to our warehouse, as well as packaging and logistics services, will continue to date until further notice.’

PP-Logistic serves its customers now and will continue to serve them.  Familiar executives will answer calls and emails which means PP-Logistic continues to operate normally.

Let’s all do our best to overcome this exceptional situation as soon as possible and, above all, to be healthy.

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